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I've been really into snapping up Sega games (preferably complete) lately and have been surprised with how much I've enjoyed alot of the Renovation titles. I'm a big fan of shooters, and I have not been dissapointed. I picked up Sol-Deace today and was blown away! Other notable titles- Elemental Masters, Whip Rush, Arrow Flash, the list goes on, and the hunt continues. Any one else put any time into Renovation titles?

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Oh yeah. Renovation is one of the best things about collecting genesis. Tons of awesome shooters (like Whip Rush, Gaires, Arrow Flash, Sol Deace and Elemental Master), in addition to some solid RPGs like Traysia and Arcus Odyssey, and some really good side scrollers like Valis III, Slime World and the fantastic El Viento.


My personal favorite is Master of Monsters, which is a crazy deep strategy RPG of the first caliber. Nothing comes close to it on the system outside of the CD-only Dark Wizard. Well, that and Warsong/Langrisser.


I also really like Gain Ground and Granada. The later is a 'best kept secret' of the library IMHO.

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Renovation had a great eye to publish great games! though many were shooters, all of which were ace IMO, they published some other great games too... El Viento, Valis series, Arcus Odyssey!


back when I was young, I was quick to go for the Renovation games when I was at the store :)

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Granada is a good one. I still drive one as well :P


Granada is a really cool game!


AND, though I'm in a minority, I actually like Ford Granada! I was close to getting a 79 two-door a couple years ago, but the wife denied me! I also really want an 81-82 fox body coupe for a project/sleeper :evil:

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