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NES Knockout HSC Round 3 - Star Force


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This season, the NES HSC is going to participate in the AA-wide knockout competition. See the rules here:




If you get knocked out, you can still compete in the NES HSC, but your score will not count towards the knockout tournament. So I'll be posting 2 sets of results for each round.


This round's game was picked by LarcenTyler.


Title: Star Force

Developer: Hudson

Publisher: Tecmo

Released: November, 1987 (US)






This round will end on Wednesday, February 15th.




Scores so far:


Current standings:


1. Sonic R 19

2. asponge 10

3. Austin 9

4. cparsely 8

5. atarilovesyou 6

6. bigbee99 5

7(t). LarcenTyler 3

7(t). roadrunner 3

9. jblenkle 2

10(t). classicgamer_27330 1

10(t). Jibbajaba 1


Players still alive in the knockout:


Sonic R





Austin 0

Jibbajaba 0


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This round is over. Sorry LarcenTyler, but you're the next player knocked out.


  1. Sonic R 336,900 +9
  2. cparsley 256,600 +6
  3. bigbee99 195,800 +3
  4. asponge 157,300 +1
  5. LarcenTyler 145,500 +1
  6. Roadrunner 79,800 +1
  7. jblenkle 70,400 +1


asponge, you're the low man this round, so you pick the game. You have until this evening when I get home from work, at which time I will pick the game myself.



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I'M knocked out? I wasn't the lowest scoring player in this game!


You were the lowest scoring played still alive in the knockout competition. Roadrunner had already been knocked out, and jblenkle had never been in the knockout competition in the first place. If I am missing something, please let me know.


I'M knocked out? I wasn't the lowest scoring player in this game!


This whole knockout thing seems strange, I've read the thread about a dozen times and it still doesn't make sense. In any case, at least ya got some points for the NES HSC. I didn't get any as I don't have this game, lol!


If there is something that I can do to enhance your understanding of the knockout rules, please let me know. Everyone who submitted a score in round 1 was part of the knockout competition. The lowest score from each round is knocked out. Roadunner got knocked out in round 1, Austin and I both got knocked out in round 2 for failing to submit a score, and LArcenTyler got knocked out in this round for having the lowest score among the players still alive in the tournament. The last player left standing wins the knockout tournament.


Anyone is free to submit a score during any round, and they will be added to the HSC standings, which is completely separate from the knockout tournament. Basically, we are running them in parallel. This is why I have two separate lists in the OP. One is the HSC standings, and the other is the players still left in the KO tournament.



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