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Elansar project


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I want to introduce a new game project that I've been working on for almost 2 years, it's called Elansar.

It's an adventure game with high quality rendered 3D scene, (like myst)

I'm still working on it, but I can say that it will be made for 3 oldschool machines, the Atari Falcon, the PC Engine, AND the Jaguar !

The Jaguar version will be hopefully released on cartridge.


As it is a homebrew project, and I'm alone doing it (code, graphics, etc...), don't expect a game with 100 hours of playing ! It will be most likely one hour or so.. (maybe less if you are good at it :D)


Some preview pictures:



A little "making of" modeling:



And a full hd wallpaper:



Enjoy ! :)

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Those graphics look amazing, even more impressive knowing that this is a project your handling all by yourself. Will be interesting to learn more about this when you have a chance to reveal a little more about the theme or plot of the game.


I'd rather play a really nice one hour point-and-click that's very interesting and well designed than one that plays for several hours but is extremely boring. Can't wait to give this a try :)

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Thank you all :)


I think it can be made on cart using BPEG image compression.

I never did cartridge game (only jag cd) but I think it's better because not everybody have a jagcd.

Plus, If I do jagcd, I will not be able to use stuff like cinepak (I already tried and I can't have something stable)


The music in the video is from "mosaik", and not it will not be included, music on cartridge will be minimalistic

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I believe Jagware developed some new, inexpensive kind of cart a while ago. Would be great if that kind of cartridge would be used... if the usual premium price of Jaguar homebrews could be avoided because of that this is a game I´d be very interested in.

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