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Genesis Knockout HSC Round 3 - Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure


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For the next round, I choose Columns. Arcade Mode, Normal Setting, Starting on Level 10(50,000 pts). I chose this one due to being common as well able to snapshot a high score after the game is over. I am not the best Columns player, but this one should be fun.


I started the new thread, but I over-ruled you on the difficulty setting. Starting out the game on hard is not reasonable, in my opinion. I think that the difficulty ramps up fast enough that games aren't going to be Tetris-length or anything.



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Yeah, I know what you mean, but frankly I tried the game out on hard mode and couldn't handle the speed at all. It discouraged me from wanting to play, and I don't want it to have the same effect on anyone else. Yes, it's round 4 and the second-to-last round of the knockout tournament, but it's also round 4 of 10 of the HSC, and I don't want to make the game needlessly difficult for players who aren't part of the KO. I'm still hoping that more people will want to be part of the Genesis HSC, and Columns has widespread appeal. Less so in hard mode.


Regarding the photos, I addressed that in the other thread.





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