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I don't remember a version of dBase for the A8 but there were a couple database packages. Unfortunately the only one I remember is SynFile+. Those that had an ATR8000 or Indus CP/M setup could certainly run dBase II in some form. There were all kinds of CP/M versions.... I had one for my Osborne I which is unfortunately dead.


Anyone else remember an actual release? Were there any comparable packages to dBase II for the 8-bit? SynFile is kinda neat but I don't know if I'd put it in the same league.

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That company may have put a software program that they called dBASEII but it is not the industry standard dBASE II from Aston Tate. dBase II was originally put out for CPM, later for DOS and Apple II. Never for Atari.


It is not the same program.


It says Ashton Tate in the top left picture on that advert.

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I wonder if FIRST SOFTWARE LTD did a licensed port of the Apple II version or maybe a compatible reimplementation of the language? Would be interesting if it got released. I'd love to check it out. I did some piddling with dBase II on my old Osborne I which died a couple years ago but never anything serious. Would be cool if it actually exists somewhere.

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