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A suggestion for a new feature on the rarity guides.


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It might take up a few meg of storage, and a tiny bit more cpu time, but I think this would really enhance the rarity guides... (I dont think it'll eat enough resources to be an issue anyway).


If you could add an extra column to the guides, filled with checkboxes, and a button at the bottom to submit the data back to the server, where its stored, either on a cookie, which would cost bandwidth, or a tightly organised file on the server, which would cost only hard drive space which is plentiful on most servers. As the script then buils the rarity guide pages, it checks the users cookie to see if he's logged into the site, and if so, pulls his data file, for each line that has been checked before, the checkmark is set again, and the background colour of the row is changed (or an icon could be added).


In this way, users are able to use the list as a record of which games they already own, and which they have yet to find. I think it would be a very useful feature, since I tend to forget which Jaguar games I own and which I need to find still, and there are only 78 Jag titles in the guide (I think its complete tho, some protos and things are missing but they're almost unique). I cant imagine how much of a hard time 2600 collectors must have keeping track of what they still need to get.


Anyways, Im sure this change can be worked into the script very easily, and shouldnt cost many server resources.

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Hi Tyrant,


Yes, this is a good idea and is something we have considered doing. To do it well we'd rather create a site-wide login rather than use cookies, that login also being shared with the forums. It will be a pretty big undertaking, though, so it's not something that's going to happen soon. There are tons of possibilities once we're able to have people login to the site. :)



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