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NES Knockout HSC Round 4 - Cobra Triangle


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Died at the kids in the pool damn UFOs


Funny story about that stage. I had rented this game when I was about 10 or 11. The first time I played "guard the people" I thought it was supposed to be played like the "dispose of mines" levels except the roles were reversed. So I'm trying to keep the boats from leaving the arena with the people by bumping into them, taking the kid back, and then putting him back into the swimming area. After losing spectacularly a few times I was in awe at how difficult this level was. I don't remember exactly, but it must have been out of frustration that I started shooting at the boats and finally realized what I was supposed to be doing. Duh. LOL.


Anyway, if you think that one is bad, the UFOs at the next "guard the people" stage have three missiles to unload on you instead of just one. Good times.

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