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Apology about the Flashback roms

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Sorry if you read the Flashback 1 roms thread and you just believed they were fakes.


The truth is, they were Prototype Roms tested in the middle of the production era of the Flashback 1 Games. Example: The other centepiede rom which was mostly containing millipede graphics was an unfinished version of the Flashback 1 centepiede. and the sound test roms... I did not rip them, these roms were made when most of the games were still in development just to show what the sound would look like when the flashback would look like in the final.


These roms were gaven to me by an (anonymous) by request. He claims before the flashback version of Centepiede was in development, prototype ideas for this used the 2600 version instead of the 7800 version.


I let my trust down and I just gave up my will and did everything before my other account got suspended when i posted my status teasing Albert.


So there you have it folks, they were prototypes.


I hope anyone could forgive me for what I have done.

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Sometimes when I listen to techno music with headphones I close my eyes and sometimes try to imagine bursts of color, but it goes away when I open my eyes. Is that "synastheisa"? Also I had a friend in college who was completely blind since she was a toddler. She said she understands the concept of colors/light from her limited childhood memories before she went blind, and when she listens to music she sees quite vibrant displays of color patterns in sync with the rhythm of the music. It may also be related to the visual regions of the brain adapting themselves to process audio/touch sensory input.

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