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SIDE, A new interest...


SIDE interest.  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you be interested in a SIDE?

    • Yes, but I am out of your 'area' (country in comment)
    • Yes, I would like 1
    • Yes, I would like 2
    • Yes, I would like more then 2.
    • Depending on price, I may want one...
    • No, I dont want one (Dont pick this ;')

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...The thing here is that you need to unhitch a large crowd deeply under-water on the other SIDE thread, so they can migrate here, and quickly make your business case.


You need to take decisive action, either here or on the other thread.




what are you talking about?



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So.... with up to 36 orders according to the poll, any idea what the cost on this would be? Or are you waiting for more respondents?




Work and home have been attacking me 2 on 1, so havnt done much publicly... I have been working behind the scenes on this tho... Because of the current state of available carts, I am looking for a solution to the problem... I may have found one, but i have to get some things done before I can continue on it, and I have a few VBXE to assemble...




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I see talk of refunds in the original SIDE thread. If I can get that, I'm definitely down for SIDE from Sloopy. As a matter of fact, I'd be honored. Not sure about what's happening on the other front. Allow me to express interest, while trying to sort that out (in a nice way).


(I'm a pretty nice fellow about most of these dealings, or at least I try to be)

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  • 1 month later...

Hi, did the project get any traction? Or was it just not enough interest...


The project got enough traction, unfortunately life is making other plans for me right now... I am not even getting alot done on VBXE, which has to be done before i will even think of doing anything with SIDE. And there is another project after VBXE, but before SIDE i need to complete for someone. So SIDE will be done, but its not going to be done soon. I am hoping within about 2 months at most, I can make an official pre-order.



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