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Genesis Knockout HSC Round 4 - Columns


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This season, the Genesis HSC is going to participate in the AA-wide knockout competition. See the rules here:




If you get knocked out, you can still compete in the Genesis HSC, but your score will not count towards the knockout tournament. So I'll be posting 2 sets of results for each round.


The second round game, as picked by swlovinist, is going to be Columns.


If you don't have a copy of this game, it is available on the Wii Virtual Console.


Title: Columns

Developer: Sega

Publisher: Sega

Released: 06/29/1990 (US)




Choose "arcade mode", then choose "Easy" on the little pop-up menu that comes up when the game starts.


Do not alter the difficulty setting in the options menu.


This round will end on Tuesday, February 28th.




Scores so far:


Skosh 28,492 +9

swlovininst 28,112 +6

Jibbajaba 23,549 +3

Jifremok 13,732 +1

jblenkle 12,090 +1

zylon 8,423 +1

roadrunner 5,006 +1



Current standings:


1. Jifremok 28

2. swlovinist 13

3. Jibbajaba 11

4(t). zylon 9

4(t). Skosh 9

6. Austin 6

7. roadrunner 4

8(t). Sonic R 3

8(t). jblenkle 3


Players still alive in the knockout:







Sonic R


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I've always encouraged but never required a photo as part of the NES high score club. Never been a problem. It's not like we're playing for prizes or anything. It would be pretty pathetic if someone felt the need to cheat in a purely for-fun HSC. I don't usually post a photo, because I'm lazy and I don't use emulators, so that means that I have to keep a camera handy, then get a good picture to come out, then pull out my memory card and stick it in my computer, download and resize the photo, then upload it to my web site's ftp server, then post it here. Way too much work for me considering that I'm really not trying to win my own HSC anyway. I mostly just play to be an active participant.



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Whoops, I didn't notice that this round was over.


Skosh 28,492 +9

swlovininst 28,112 +6

Jibbajaba 23,549 +3

Jifremok 13,732 +1

jblenkle 12,090 +1

zylon 8,423 +1

roadrunner 5,006 +1


Jifremok, you are knocked out! It's down to me and swlovinist, and I get to pick the game.



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