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Is it possible to repair TIDISK?


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I started using Win994a Simulator.

I created a little proof of concept demo for a 2 sided pacman maze.


It worked okay, But when I tried to load the file the other day, Nothing.

I tried to view the contents and 8 blocks are used, but my file is gone.


I had given up because of speed, but I saw the compilers being talked about so I wanted to test the speed again!


But, nothing.... Can this be fixed or am I out of luck?


The .txt was just to upload the file.


Thanks to anyone that can help.



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I only saw one file on this disk, so I attempted to manually recover it. From what I could see, sector 0 and 1 seemed to be damaged, losing the file pointer. I did not verify that the allocation table on the file was correct, but I was able to load it into XB and run it (under Classic99).


The disk image is probably not trustable, I recommend that you create a new disk image, and copy your file from this one to the new one. Hopefully you didn't lose much, if anything! The filename I found was "TEST".



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Thank You Tursi.


I seem to have lost the latest version, but that is okay. It was only the maze as all the other graphics are here and all "collision" detection is in place.

Collision. Well, currently no sprites but gchar to detect the dots / dot type or hitting a wall.


I have the maze drawn, so I need to just redo the data statements.


Thanks again. I am glad I didn't have to define the chars again....


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