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Two new rom for your lynx


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everyone know the autostereogram ?

That's right : http://en.wikipedia..../Autostereogram



Me I wanted to have for my lynx so i have make not only one but two programs for hurting ears and eyes.

MDTM Vol1.zip

MDTM Vol2.zip



you can use with your flashcard (the best solution) and with handy but sometime on some flat screen it was impossible to look the autostéréogram.

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Rygar, I see that you have an Amiga 2000 in your avatar, if you still have this machine you can use Personal Paint to create stereograms in any size, using either the random dots or a pattern. You can download Personal Paint for free from Aminet, I guess you'll need your own way to transfer it to the Amiga though. http://aminet.net/package/biz/cloan/PPaint


It's really easy to make your images. You just create it in grey-scale, with lighter greys being closer and darker ones being further away, then you run the filter and it will process the image into a 3D stereogram. You can switch on coordinates and make sure the area is only 160x102, and of course your A2000 already has the exact same 4,096 colour palette that the Lynx uses, and can be set to 16 colours onscreen to get the most accurate results.


I'm sorry I can't test out your ROM programs though, I'm blind in one eye and can't see in 3D at all, and I'm also deaf so can't test the audio one.

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Thank you for this information, It Is true I have not thought used the paint in the Amiga 2000.

I tried to make my own stereograms with programs available on the net but the result was really not good.


I would maybe one day be a Vol.3 with images related to the lynx and Atari and this day I would try your solution.

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