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Hey guys, im starting to build a few test carts here and wanted to make sure all was ok. Ive got an advanced willem programmer here (parallel port based) with either usb or wall adaptor for power. My only issue is that i bought this thing a LONG time ago off ebay for a previous project and could never really get it to work but i did end up snagging the dip42 adaptor for the jag eprom chips as well.


Well....Turns out it needs modifications to apply a certain voltage to keep it running the way it needs to so it can program properly. Bottom line.... wont work without hardware modifications that im just not willing to bother with it. Seems to gives me some strange errors when attempting to program. (ie 0x000000 chip=0xff buffer= 0x42) without this binary file it attempts to program (or so i think its programming...)


Anyone able to recommend a good eprom programmer for 27c800 and 27c160 chips thats not going to break the bank?

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