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NES Knockout HSC Round 5 - Pin*Bot


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This season, the NES HSC is going to participate in the AA-wide knockout competition. See the rules here:




If you get knocked out, you can still compete in the NES HSC, but your score will not count towards the knockout tournament. So I'll be posting 2 sets of results for each round.


This round's game was picked by cparsley.


Title: Pin*Bot

Developer: Rare

Publisher: Nintendo

Released: April, 1990 (US)






This round will end on Thursday, March 8th.




Scores so far:


1. cparsley 16,810,780 +9

2. asponge 15,875,630 +6

3. Sonic R 12,869,700 +3

4. atarilovesyou 3,853,570 +1

5. jblenkle 3,209,400 +1

6. roadrunner 1,395,960 +1


Current standings:


1. asponge 27

2. Sonic R 25

3. cparsley 18

4. atarilovesyou 13

5. Austin 9

6(t). bigbee99 5

6(t). roadrunner 5

8. jblenkle 4

9. LarcenTyler 3

10(t). classicgamer_27330 1

10(t). Jibbajaba 1


Players still alive in the knockout:


Sonic R








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I really struggled to get myself into a rhythm this round. Eventually, I got it together.






Opening salvo, damn blue blob that eats your ball (Triangular ball that is), and damn missles that blow up your flippers :(


Yes, the blue blob sucks. I try to get off of that board as soon as possible. I'd rather take my chances with the bird/missiles that you can defend against instead of the blob which is basically a death march.

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Try round 4 then... the missles remain, but the non-missle birds now try to pick up your ball and fly it away.


I know I at least made it to level 4 last night and possibly level 5. I'm not sure. I ended on a level where the machine was a bright blue. I was on my last ball and only lasted a few minutes after I got there. And, yes I had one of those birds snatch a ball from be along the way. I thought the level was red, but I could just be confusing it with level 3.


You also do know you can get the ball away from that blue blob, right?


Yeah, I know you can. I just have a hard time doing so for some reason. It seems like you have to shake the table just before the ball lands in it's mouth. A split second too late and you're SOL. I did get the blob to release the ball once last night, but I can't do it consistenly. As I said before my strategy instead is to just rip through the level as fast as possible. I alwasy lose a ball so maybe that's not the greatest strategy. :)

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You guys are animals! I guess I have to put something up, lol!...




I used to play this one way back when and never had any idea how to do much other than open up the mask, get the mulitball, that kinda thing. I know if you hit the far left ramp that sometimes it advances a level, but it's a tricky shot. I know how to advance the planets but it's more of a luck thing. I remember once being able to get the different shape balls, but can't remember.


I know it's late, but any good links to how to score highest, how to do the tricks and stuff like that?


I made it to the third board, and yes, those missles are a pain.

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Sorry guys. Trust, me it was far from spring "break". We're down a man at work, and since there are only 3 of us normally, the two of us who are still here have a muc higher workload until they get us a replacement. So unfortunately, video games and video game forums got put on the back burner.


Anyway, here are the final standings for this round:


1. cparsley 16,810,780 +9

2. asponge 15,875,630 +6

3. Sonic R 12,869,700 +3

4. atarilovesyou 3,853,570 +1

5. jblenkle 3,209,400 +1

6. roadrunner 1,395,960 +1


That was definitely a knock-down, drag-out, but unfortunately someone had to get knocked out, and that person was Sonic R.


cparsley thinks that I should pick the game for the next round since it's the final. I'd rather post something that I know that you guys both have, so that no one has the disadvantage of emulation to deal with. I'll just PM you guys.



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