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Lunokhod 1


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I started getting interested in 2600 Homebrew when I was working on my Android port of Stella. Here is my first effort - Lunokhod 1. You control the Lunokhod rover by remote control, shooting everything you can. As a kid I always wanted games with no shot limitation, a want that has worked it's way into this game. There are lots of missiles and explosions :-). I'm still working out the backstory, but the goal is to keep radioactive debris from landing on your moon base.


This is a playable build but it has only one wave with one difficulty. It will eventually have waves that get progressively more difficult.



Oh, and here's the source: (Certainly not because I'm proud of it :-). I haven't touched assembly since college and I've been quite careless with space and cycles, but I do like when other people share so...)



Current Changelog:


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That's a very Soviet sounding name, too, it would be cool to have a game that was supposedly "sneaked across the Iron Curtain" with Soviet-looking labels and whatnot....... :D


Yes! Soviet era space art is very distinctive, there are some great box/label opportunities here :-)



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If anyone was wondering, here's what the poster text says according to Google translate:





I'm guessing "Sons of October - Pioneers of the Universe!" is a better translation.

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Thanks for the encouragement. Development has reached the point where I'm having to face items on my TODO list that I've been putting off. Luckily Thomas has made an interesting suggestion that can distract me from that for a while longer :-)

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Would it be easier to invert the radar? The solid / blinking?

My eyes go to the solid dots, when I need to get every blinking dot.

Try it if it makes the program simpler.

If it uses more resources, please disregard this suggestion.

Since you've made it wrap, I won't suggest Paddle support. That would have been cool zipping from one side to the other!

Nice game! Original! Horizontal scrolling too!

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Would it be easier to invert the radar? The solid / blinking?

Or just let the radar display what is dangerous, the radioactive stuff. The other objects are plenty and easy enough to find anyway.


Also an option to regain lifetime would be nice. E.g. (also for variety) some objects you should not shot but catch them with the rover instead. As long as they are vertically separated from other types on the radar, they could get different colors.


And of course some power ups. :)

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I'll throw my TODO list in the next zipped up build.


I experimented with showing only radioactive debris in the radar in an earlier build, and it made things too easy. My current plan is to color it differently, but I have to make a couple tweaks to the code that renders the radar (add a scan line, ensure each object gets mapped to its own scanline).


iesposta: Paddles would have been cool. The driving controller is an option - everyone has one of those, right? :-)


Thomas: I agree some variety is needed. I also want to have an incentive to look away from the radar. My thought was something similar to yours. Some debris will be made of this stuff, and allowing it to land will lower the radiation level.

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Hi all. I've bumped the build to 5, with the following changes:


* Added waves, as the game progresses the speed increases, the ratio of radioactive debris increases, and each wave gets longer.

* Added absorbing debris - these lower the radiation level if allowed to hit the ground.


I still have a few gameplay changes to make before I try to polish this into some kind of release, Suggestions are always welcome.



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I hope you're still plugging away at this one. I just played the latest build, and had some thoughts:


- First, I like the sprite work, and the general gameplay as a wrap-around endless shooter. The radar is nicely functional, as well.

- Difficulty still seems to ramp up rather slowly. Without an obvious wave marker, it's hard to get a sense of progress. Perhaps it things picked up a little faster, I wouldn't mind.

- It seems that everything I shoot gets me two points, but given the different meteoroid sprites, I'd like them to be worth different amounts, and I think the radioactive debris should also have a different point value. I especially think the little flaming ones should be worth the trouble to back up and blast for extra points.

- I wasn't clear on the new "smartbombs:" are they automatically fired in certain situations, or did I miss something to launch them myself?

- A title screen on the final build would be nice as well.


Overall, I'm definitely digging this. Anything extra you can do for target variety, both in different sprites and point values, will add to my interest as a player.

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I'm still tinkering with it. I agree with most of your suggestions (well, except maybe the title screen - games back in the early days didn't have them :-)). The last update was a bit of a bust IMO, I'll be bringing back wave markers, losing the smartbombs, and enabling collisions between the rover and falling space junk. I'm hoping that ramps up the challenge a bit.


I'm distracted on another project for a couple months (opening a bar/arcade !!), but should return to this in earnest in the fall.

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