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FREE PlayAround Demo box to the highest score contest


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I completed my Adult series boxes a while ago and to celebrate my accomplishments, I made an extra PlayAround Demo box with a nice slide out cart tray to give away for FREE by hosting a little contest.


Since this is a PlayAround Title, the contest will be for the highest score on the PlayAround game “Jungle Fever” Here are the rules:

  • The contest begins NOW and will end on Friday March 16th 2012 at midnight EST.
  • As proof of a current high score, you must take a picture of the screen showing the score and a piece of dated material such as a newspaper.
  • All pictures MUST be posted here, please do not send them in pm.
  • To try and give everyone a fair shake, NO PICTURES CAN BE POSTED UNTIL MARCH 10TH 2012.
  • The winner will be decided on March 16th 2012 at Midnight EST. by the highest score posted.
  • IF there is a TIE, the winner will be the first person who posted the picture (which is why I am not allowing posts until the 10th )

Have Fun!


- ManCaveArcade


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W I N N E R!


Congratulations Toiletunes, a PM coming your way for shipping info. I hope you like it!!


I was hoping more people would have jumped in on this one, but maybe I made the deadline too soon.


Would anyone be interested if I did this again with a different box and different game to play?


Maybe a tooth protectors box........

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