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Mattel Aquarius Movie Player

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Here is a capture of my Mattel Aquarius playing the Sponge Bob intro in its entirety.


Very cool, but -- and forgive me if you've already answered this -- why is the audio going about 25% too fast? (I assume the video is too.)


EDIT: Never mind, you address this in the OP, I think. Carry on! :D


I cannot seem to work out the math on the appropriate delay to make the timing perfect. I have to use the same delay for each sample, so right now I have to use trial and error.

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Does the video player just continuously by hand blit entire screenfulls of characters or does it just do changed characters as needed?


There is no compression in the audio or video stream. It actually plays an audio bit, loads a character, loads the color, plays an audio bit, loads a character, etc... until it loads a screen and then moves to the next frame. 4 frames per 8K bank. All of the data is interleaved.

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I have learned a lot more about optimizing character selection for image fidelity. I plan to come back to the Aquarius some time in 2014 in order to refresh some of the tools and demos that I wrote. I really want to make a video player that makes use of the extender as well because I was never happy with the audio fidelity while playing back video at the same time. Also, I think I can improve on the flicker images, especially those with real photos instead of cartoons, and I can speed up the conversion. Stay tuned. (I was reminded of this with Mr. Bill's email to the yahoo group - thanks for the shout-outs!)



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