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Wanted: Avalon Hill board games

Cebus Capucinis

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I am actively trying to expand my secondary collection of board games, and I've now decided to stick firmly in the Avalon Hill territory. I know AAers are known to come across these while thrifting and some of you gents even have them in your houses (perhaps you can be persuaded to part with them :) ), so I'm going to leave an open Wanted thread for anything Avalon Hill game related. I am looking for all the games, not just the bookcase ones.


I'm looking for any that I don't currently have -- games need to be complete and with box, of course, in good condition. Wear on the box corners etc. is fine but no rips or tears for me if you please, thanks. :)


Here's my most current list of titles:


The Book of Lists Game

Third Reich

The Arab Israeli War

The Stock Market Game

The Russian Campaign

War at Sea



Outdoor Survival

Basketball Strategy

Panzer Leader

Fortress Europa

Starship Troopers



Squad Leader


I know they're pretty common on eBay and of course I buy through Boardgamegeek, but they pop up pretty regularly on AA and the shipping on both of the other sites is usually pretty inflated. Ebay prices are of course ridiculous from time to time, also. So, if you have any that you're willing to part with so I can add to my collection, or if you find any on your travels looking for games, drop me a PM and let me know! I'm more than happy to spend some money on expanding my Avalon Hill board game collection. :)

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I have the following bookcase games


Facts in Five

The Collector (appropriate for this site)

Wizard's Quest



and Axis & Allies Not quite so old, but Avolon Hill as well you probably know.


Let me know if you might be interested in any of these. These bookcase boxes have some wear, but look pretty much complete.

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I'm collecting those, too, but the Avalon Hill games are now my priority -- though if you ever want to offload those 3M titles, I don't have those yet..... :D


<wishy washy>


Are these like $3 in trade titles? I love the look and feel of these games. They're so retro awesome, so if they're like $3 games maybe I'd just as soon keep them, though I'd still like you help you out. Please reference Ax's "Collecting: The Great Conflict" thread... these are not something I need, and don't even really collect, but they're cool all the same LOL. I have the NBC "Vegas" game too, but already decided to keep that one for sure due to it's retro feel and the colors go with my game room orange/green theme. (Hey, it's all about the color coordination for the stylish collector, right?!) But yeah, anyway, if those 2 are something you'd really like to have, maybe a trade offer is more in order, you never know ;) I have no legitimate reason to keep these.


</wishy washy>

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Got a couple more on vacation:


The Book Lists Game

Third Reich

The Arab Israeli War




Updating list to reflect this. Sending a PM to video game addict and will reply to poker_plus momentarily.


(I also got Victory Games' NATO and TSR's The Hunt for Red October, but those are another day's story)

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Here's a pic of the good ol' shelf so far.....the goal: make this entire bookcase exclusively AVALON HILL! :) One shelf and a half down!




3M almost has its own shelf too....so maybe we should include that!


Anyway: WANTED: anything not in this picture of Avalon Hill board games!

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Still have TONS of Avalon Hill and 3M stuff available for sale and trade. I'm also buying and trading Avalon Hill and 3M games (and games of all types and descriptions - wargames, sports games, games of politics and business etc.) from all companies, old and new. If you're looking for something, contact me directly at gamers@gamersalliance.com. If you're selling or trading, I'm interested in that too!

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I have several Avalon Hill games that I would like to pass on to someone who would like to keep them rather than sell them. They are in various conditions but they are, I believe, for the most part complete. Many have some un-punched counters but all have bee used, some more than others. I would like to pass on the whole lot rather than piecemeal. I will ship them to you for the cost of postage. The games are: Panzer Blitz, Squad Leader, The Game of Railroading, 1776, Arab Israeli Wars, Tobruk and The Rise and Decline of the Third Reich. Way back in the day, I had several other games including Tactics II which came from the Sears catalog one year for Christmas. I recall having D Day as well but those games never returned from being loaned to a friend. You can reach me at daverussell20@outlook.com.



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I joined this forum after doing a Google search for Avalon Hill games. I played Avalon Hill games in college and continued while on active duty from 1967 to 1971. Got home, got married, and the games have been in storage ever since. What I’m looking for is a good home for my vintage games.


I have (1958) Tactics II, (1965) Battle of the Bulge and Blitzkrieg, (1968) 1914, (1970) Panzer Blitz, the Stock Market, and Kriegspiel, (1971) Luftwaffe, and (1973) Baseball Strategy. All of the games have been played multiple times, some in not so friendly places (it was only a conflict, not a war!). The only game with a not so decent box is Kriegspiel and I somehow have 3 boxes of the Stock Market game.


The games weigh a lot for shipping. I live in Elkton MD, near where I-95 crosses into Delaware. Not sure if private messages here can go directly to personal email, so my direct address is sandybittman at bitware dot com


Never sold anything on line before, just looking for a nice home for the games that got me through some tough times while on active duty.

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Hey there, saw your request for Avalon Hill games. While most are still packed away, I do know I have, Luftwaffe, 1914, Gettysburg, Chancellorsville,  Richtofen's War, Jutland, France 1940, Midway, Panzer Blitz, and all the variants, 3rd Reich, Afrika Corps, Tobruk, and several more. In addition, I do have a good stack of the original General Magazines, mostly from the 1970s. I know I have some SPI games somewhere. If this is of interest, contact me, I believe my email is listed 

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