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Sega Genesis Knockout HSC Round 5 - Crüe Ball


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This season, the Genesis HSC is going to participate in the AA-wide knockout competition. See the rules here:




If you get knocked out, you can still compete in the Genesis HSC, but your score will not count towards the knockout tournament. So I'll be posting 2 sets of results for each round.


The second round game, as picked by me, is going to be Crüe Ball.


If you don't have a copy of this game, it is available on the Wii Virtual Console.


Title:Crüe Ball

Developer: NuFX

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Released: 1992 (US)




This round will end on Monday, March 19th.




Scores so far:


Jibbajaba 4,171,200

roadrunner 1,511,500

jblenkle 510,000


Current standings:


1. Jifremok 28

2. swlovinist 13

3. Jibbajaba 11

4(t). zylon 9

4(t). Skosh 9

6. Austin 6

7. roadrunner 4

8(t). Sonic R 3

8(t). jblenkle 3


Players still alive in the knockout:







Sonic R


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I think there were some discussion about creating a SNES HSC. I wanted that too but I don't know if there's enough people interested.


I like the idea to create a three system HSC too. With Genesis, Snes and TurboGrafix/PC Engine. Problem is not everyone has all three consoles or emulators.

But still that's what I would vote to.


A SNES/Genesis/TurboGrafix HSC!!!

If the TurboGrafix rounds doesn't bring enough players we could drop it but only after some experimental rounds.


And maybe we should put SMS and NES together too because it seems they're losing interest. But in this case, nes, sms and atari 7800 generation, I would prefer to have stronger HSC for each one.

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