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Bob Dodson's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" Source


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I am trying to figure out if Bob Dodson's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" source code for the Atari 2600 is freely distributable. In 2000 he sent me an email with the file called "ALBATROS.ASM." It starts out like this:


; Disassembly of scrlbar2.bin

; Disassembled Fri Jul 02 15:32:40 1999

; Using DiStella v2.0


; Command Line: G:\DISTELLA\DISTELLA.EXE -pafs scrlbar2.bin


I modified the "Mariner" poem with a letter that I sent to my friend as a cartridge for Christmas 2000. I would like to post the modified source code (with the letter), but I would only do that if it is okay by Bob. I don't know how to reach Bob anymore, but I figured that someone on this forum would either know how to reach him, or if the code was already freely distributable and I could post it to a website that I have with a friend (http://www.orphanedgames.com/) if I want to do that.


Thanks for any information that you can provide.



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The scrollbar demos were something I posted to the stella mailing list in june / july 1999. Bob disassembled one of the demos and replaced my text with the mariner poem. Here is a link to the post that contains the source code to the last version of the scrolling text demo. If you like, you can make your own version of it and put it on your website.

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That scrollbar demo actually was a joint effort. The first version which was pretty inefficient was done by John K. Harvey, and then I made suggestions on how it could be improved to be able to either fit in more text or reduce its size. Eckhard then picked up my suggestions and further added a proportional font. Some years, later, I recycled that code myself for the Creativision, and it ended up in the Creativision Diagnosticart which I helped to write for Luca Antignano. For this purpose, the scroll area was widened to 256 pixels across, using a whole page (256 bytes) as the buffer.

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