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Birds of Steel - anyone got it?

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Anyone got the WWII flight game Birds of Steel? I really enjoyed IL-2 Sturmovik but was unhappy how my old Thrustmaster joystick didn't have enough buttons to make the game usable. Then I noticed on the Birds of Steel trailer they mentioned that on PS3 you can hook up any USB joystick and any USB keyboard for mapping controls to it and I thought Ah-HA! now I might have a game I can use my joystick with.


Does anyone have this game on PS3? I just want to confirm these rumors before I buy it. I downloaded the demo and it did not support my joystick but then again, it's a demo. This forum thread does seem to corroborate the rumors though....


I'd also really recommend using a keyboard plugged into the PS3 for all the extra controls. Make a huge difference just being able to hit G to raise/lower the gear rather than waste valuable pad keys on a little-used control.

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Just a follow up here.

I just bought the game, only $40 I'm not going to worry about it at that low price.


Yes it works with my old joystick and yes I can hook up a USB keyboard and map other controls like landing gear and brakes and stuff to it, leaving the main buttons on my joystick for weaponry.


Very very happy customer here.

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And yes it's the best WWII flight sim released on a console ... ever. Doing strafing runs on fleets with enemy airplanes and flak ... jesus. Gives you a whole new respect for the guys who did it for real. Nerves of steel.

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I'm very late to the party but I just learned about this game. I love WWII flight sims but I don't have a joystick. Can anyone comment on how well this game plays with the standard Dualshock controller?


Hi there.

It's doable with the dual shock. The trickiest bit will be if you need to move your external camera around cuz you hit something like up on the d-pad plus right analog stick, or something like that. Other than that I did find the game quite playable in arcade mode without a joystick. Don't try the more realistic settings though.


Hope that helps, the game is fantastic!

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I did the first few training missions with the gamepad, and while I completed them successfully on the first try, it felt very awkward. So I picked up a Thrustmaster T FlightStick X on the cheap because it's on the list of supported sticks, and the difference is night and day. The stick itself feels solid and sturdy, and the default controls for it in the game are responsive and darn near perfect. I've only taken one test flight with it so far, but I love it. It's going to make this game infinitely more enjoyable. I might even bump up the controls to "realistic" (not "simulation" yet).


Now I want to find more flight games for the PS3 to use this stick with.

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