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...and the next one - Rip-Off 7800


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Thanks Trebor!


I have to take a look and figure out what's going on when I have time... The last version of MESS I have is .131, and most of my consoles no longer launch with the newest version (7800 being one of them). I'll take some time to figure it out soon.

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Don't want to turn this into a MESS support thread as your RipOff is truly the star here, but off the bat, the best advice I can give is to start in a fresh new directory. Do not retain any previous settings. Go to command line and at 'C:\MESS>' type without the quotes "mess -cc".


This will create the default configuration file for MESS. New versions have HLSL support. If your graphics card cannot handle it, MESS may crash or have other issues. Find inside the mess.ini file that was newly created the following line:





hlsl_enable 1



And set it to:

hlsl_enable 0


Under the 'software folder' I have a7800.zip containing the BIOS file.


I keep my ROMS in a completely separate folder and do not use any MESSUI. Everything I run is via a front end which issues a simple command line to run a ROM. It's either that or I have my own batch shortcuts setup as icons on my desktop inside category folders. Command line examples:



cd \mess

mess.exe a7800 -cart "d:\rni\atari 7800 roms\GLHomeHacks\Pac-Man Collection (Pokey).zip"



cd \mess

mess.exe a7800 -cart "D:\RNI\Atari 7800 ROMS\Hack-Homebrew\Space Duel (Hack).zip"



cd \mess

mess.exe a7800 -cart "d:\rni\atari 7800 roms\Asteroids (1987) (Atari).zip"




I think you get the picture :)


Controller and driver (difficulty switch) changes are done after MESS launches, pressing the 'Tab' key. Of course you can turn on *.ini support inside MESS.INI and do some tweaking via notepad as well. I'm just trying to give the basics to get MESS up and running as quick and 'clean' as possible.

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Trebor is right - there is color in the game already (albeit very light ones). I chose light colors because some TVs have issues with darker colors in 320 mode (I did the same thing with 2 of the 4 color modes in Space Invaders). I figure wherever I can do that, I will. :)


Thanks guys!


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Thanks for posting it - I was actually going to get it but I got sidetracked (sorry).


Keep in mind that it does not flicker *anything* like what shows in the video. The capture program I use drops *plenty* of frames. :(


Also, the bin I used for the video was the one before I removed the exit point closest to the player (you can see an example of that in this video where the last base is exactly where the player starts, so the enemy can never pick it up.)

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Hey Everybody!


Everyone who asked for a cart up to this point has been put on the list:

  1. _Fandal_
  2. accousticguitar
  3. Allan
  4. Almost Rice (+ Scramble)
  5. AtariNerd
  6. atarinut76
  7. bennybingo
  8. Cebus Capucinis
  9. ckirkman
  10. cmart604
  11. Compumater
  12. diggs130
  13. eddhead
  14. edweird13
  15. evg2000
  16. fandenivoldsk
  17. gambler172
  18. GaryH917
  19. GrizzLee
  20. HatNJ
  21. jeffgamer
  22. Jinks
  23. JonnyBritish
  24. keitaro
  25. KevinMos3
  26. Lord Helmet
  27. Marc Oberhauser (free)
  28. Mayhem (box)
  29. Metal Ghost
  30. Mitch
  31. NML32
  32. ntavio
  34. phattyboombatty
  35. purduecrum
  36. remowilliams
  37. rmaerz
  38. scobb
  39. streps
  40. svenski
  41. swlovinist
  42. thursday83
  43. toymailman
  44. Trebor
  45. TrekMD
  46. twoquickcapri
  47. UberArcade


At this point, I am ready to start taking orders. As usual, the price is $25 (+$2 shipping in U.S., $4 shipping outside by my usual methods - any specific shipping requests will most likely cost more), and my PayPal address is: Robert.DeCrescenzo@yahoo.com

PLEASE make sure there is an address, and your AA user name in with the payment so I know who to send it to.


Again, I would like to thank PAC-MAN-RED for his player and enemy graphics - he does an excellent job. He will be credited in the manual when I finish it.


Thanks guys,


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