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...and the next one - Rip-Off 7800


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Got enough parts for another cart?

Yes, you've been added to my list :)




Hi Pacmanplus!

I would like to order X1 "Ripp off" game please, how much is it please for a French retro gaming fan!? (25$ for the game and 4$ for France?)


Best regards, Guillaume.


PS: Hi to Atari age gamers! ^_^

Hi! ...and thank you. Yes, you are correct on your price. :)

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I think PAL and Secam match in frame-rate / frequency/ resolution and most Secam TVs can decode PAL signals if need be, so I don't think there would be any problem with that.... but I'm curious if there might some issues.

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Got mine today I thought I played all the Cinemetronics Arcade games but missed this one so no mame to compare

Fun game like the concept and Bob as usual makes another great game


Wonder if a 7800 version of Star Castle will be in the future (nice complement to the 2600 version thats coming along)

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