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...and the next one - Rip-Off 7800


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Congrats on the new job Bob! That really makes me glad. I wonder if your 7800 coding helped at all-- I'm guessing it certainly didn't hurt.


I'll be submitting an order for this at some point, but at the moment, I'm doing a small house rennovation, so I'm in "save mode".

Once that's complete, expect my post here. :)



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Woo hoo!!! Received a special package in the mail today!


Awesome as always! Thank you, Bob!!!


Likewise. My wife said it arrived. I am away on a bussiness... its my B-day today and I can't play my new game :-(



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Thanks, guys. :)


I really appreciate the kind words and the congrats. Job is going well so far. I'm working with 'Mirth Connect' quite a bit...


Hmmm... Maybe 'Armor Attack' can use another look now that I have the controls down... :D (just kidding - need to finish the current (mostly) original game I'm on before I do anything else) ;)


Thanks again,


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Hey Bob, I would like one cart. Is there a spot for another?? I also second the request for Star Castle!!


Side note...I worked at Cinematronics during the production of both Rip-Off and Star Castle. I worked on both the control panel assemblies and final adjustments on the power supplies and CRT's on the assembly line. It was an amazing experience. I was on the line adjusting Star Castle machines when the radio announced John Bonham's (of Led Zeppelin) death. Very sad day.

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Just got mine. very cool to play. found if using two players with two buttons. You drive the other players ship and fire your own. Is that sound right? one player works great. Maybe my controllers?

So am I losing my mind or what? Any AAers notice/expirence this? Or maybe should try my difficulty switches?

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Someone PMmed me about this too. I *KNOW* I tested that recently and it worked. Something I changed must have broken it at the last minute.

It's only the two button control that did this, i.e. the single button controllers are fine.


Damn I hate when this happens. (Kind of wish I had two people to test multi player with).


...I am so sorry guys - anyone who uses the two button control, send the cart back and I will update it as soon as I figure out what it is. I'll put the bin in this post as soon as I fix it.




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