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"Circus Charlie" (Parker Brothers)


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For Eduardo:


I wonder what the Parker Brothers version of Circus Charlie would have looked like?


Only the MSX version might have been close, since it uses the same Z80 processor and Texas Instruments TMS9928A VDP as the ColecoVision:



Anyways, I would like to know how difficult it would be for you and your company, Opcode Games, to make an actual CV version of Circus Charlie the way that other CV games published by Parker Brothers had been (say, Q*bert or Frogger or Super Cobra)?



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Um... do you think there would have been a CV version by Parker Brothers? The MSX cartridge is by Konami, and the arcade original is by Konami as well. And two games Konami did appeared on the Colecovision as well... Antarctic Adventure and Athletic Land (rewritten to Cabbage Patch Kids). So... if Konami would have ported Circus Charlie to the CV the way they did Antarctic Adventure and Athletic Land, I guess it would have been very close to Pixelboy's version (which I haven't seen, but I'm assuming it's heavily based on the MSX one).


But on the other hand... the same applies to Time Pilot where the CV version (by Coleco) is totally newly written and has nothing in common to the MSX version Konami did themselves. And the same applies to Frogger, where I actually like Parker's CV version much better than Konami's MSX version.

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your asking us what would we think a certain companies programmers might have done if they created a version of a game. The only people that could answer that are those programmers from that company. They could tell you how they decided to translate games and how they used to make decisions that created the games. You have to remember these programmers didn't just sit around all year and create a game to be an exact replica. They did the best they could do under the time pressures. I am sure the differences in all the games were due mainly to time constraints and a programmers skills and abilities.

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The MSX version is already very good. It has some nice features like smooth scrolling (which is ofcourse nice considering the vdp) and the fast paced horse level. Maybe the rope animation (trapeze level) could be done smoother...

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