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Anyone have a theory on what the hell the first 19 bids on this item I am selling are all about? Makes no sense to me.




Edit: one bidder entered 19 separate bids before anyone bid for a total of 52 cents in increments, so it looked like there was a bidding war. It irritated me enough to cancel all 19 of the bids, so this link is no longer relevent.

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Skynet was trying to secure your game to further its machinations of world domination, but had to back out when the bidding broke six bucks. T-1000s ain't cheap, y'know.


Yes that makes sense now. I was thinking they got their peanut butter sanwich stuck on the keyboard but clearly the pattern of 1 cent bid increments followed by random increments ending in a 52 cent hike is some kind of code.

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Ban/report them. Probably using sniping software.


About time they did something about the practice, but as most know they don't give a shit about anything other than their profits.


Pretty sure Ebay has no rule against sniping or sniping software. As long as you bid what you are willing to pay for something, it should make zero difference if people are sniping or not.

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