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tribute to Vector Pilot on the Vectrex


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Just want to share my email to Kristof Tuts, programmer of Vector Pilot





Hi Kristof.


Just a short email to let you know how much I appreciate your game.


Next to being a big Vectrex enthusiast, I also have been a very active player of arcade games, in fact,

this initially got me hooked on games and computers as a little kid in the mid 70's. (like you right?)


I'm an above average arcade player (not very active anymore at the moment though) and I especially invested

a LOT of time in the classic golden era games, particularly shooters. 1942 and galaga probably being my all-time top favorites amongst many.

(yes exerion and gyruss too;))


Of course, I also played a lot Time Pilot, also one of my favorites back than. Although I never really made serious attempts to score world

class scores, (like with the above mentioned) I can hold my own and know the original very well.


Your conversion is absolutely stunning. Your simulation of the sounds, graphics, speed and especially the difficulty are probably

as spot on and close as you could possibly get to the original. The addition of an extra mine storm level, extra joystick option and other incentives

even improve on the original. Truly like a conversion / remake should be in my opinion. Animations: great stuff. (The lightning effect is particularly well done!)


This time with non-volatile memory; good decision! A game like this really needs it.


There are a lot of good programmers.. not many of them really good (arcade) players.


You absolutely nailed it and managed to put some of that magic 'arcadish' addictiveness into your game,

which, next to the technical achievement, makes this a truly great accomplishment and puts Vector Pilot straight in the top 5 of

the best arcade games on the Vectrex.


I'll post this on Atariage as well.


Keep up the good work, make sure to inform me of your new releases!


Kind regards,




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