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Clearing out newsletters


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during a few trips last year in picking up a bunch of craigslist hauls, i inherited a bunch of newsletters from atari groups all across the country. I have about 9 boxes of this stuff dating from around 82 through 98 i believe. I currently do not have the room to store this stuff. As of now, its all sitting in my back patio under my slot car table collecting dust. I came pretty close to trashing this stuff but everytime i wanted to, i didnt have the heart. I finally came up with the idea to buy a domain and host a simple site out of my house with my server. I plan on scanning all the documents and placing them there for anyone who wants to view them.


what i would like to know is if anyone is actually interested in the hard copies before i trash them. Ill be more than happy to ship a couple of newsletters to a whole case if need be, all i ask is to pay for the shipping.


In addition to the newsletters, i also have another 5 boxes of binders filled with schematics, user manuals and personal notes on modding stuff. (I'm talking about the really thick binders) Again, if anyone wants to give them a good home, pay for the shipping.


I'm currently out of town at the moment, but come monday i plan on doing some heavy scanning.


Anyways, pm if your interested. I apologize if i didnt get back to a couple of other people before in the past, but having to deal with 20 to 25 days of traveling a month with the army then processing out of there and going back and forth and fighting them for my disability compensation and such, i just lost track.



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Archiving is a good idea.


I had several years worth of my local Atari group newsletters and threw practically all of them out.


Turns out our National Library actually has the newsletters in their catalog, whether they actually have physical copies is another matter though.

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I dont know how your set up for mass scanning, but you may want to talk to DLH at http://www.bombjack.org/ , he has been scanning large volumes of classic docs for years now, and could probably give some pointers...


if you need better contact info on him, just ask, i see him on irc often...



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Hi there. Jason Scott, from the Internet Archive (www.archive.org). I was alerted to this posting by a follower of the site.


I've been putting up thousands of scanned magazines, books, manuals and images up on the archive.org site; it's a 503© library that makes as much material available as possible.


I would love to facilitate hosting high-as-possible scans of the boxes of newsletters, in any way I can. My e-mail is jscott@textfiles.com or jscott@archive.org. Thanks.

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