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Witcher 2


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I may have to buy this:




While the graphics when compared seem to look strange and stagnant on the 360 I can live with it. I may get this eventually.


I played the first game for a while but never got far into it before other games took over, Any Witcher fans out there?

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i think its a feat that they got it running on the 360 at all, let alone looking that nice. that 'high' pc setting they showed didn't do it any favors, that frame rate was miserable.


i'll be picking it up, i love 3rd person action rpgs.

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Huge RPG fan here! I'll be getting this one for sure.

Didn't I also read they were working on Risen 2?? I thought the first Risen was pretty damn sweet!



Risen 2:April 27th






theres also Game of Thrones in may-




its a good 2 months for these kinds of games

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here's the comparison vid between 360 and PC (both high and medium settings shown):




360 of course can't match PC High settings. but it looks equivalent to PC medium in most places or better than PC medium in other places. like at 0:37-0:50.


I'm wondering if they were having recording problems on the PC like the scene that was entirely too blue. or the scene that was entirely too red. Or if CD Projekt decided to use artistic license and fix the lighting in the 360 version.

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bought it on friday, selling it on amazon today. i hate the game. i've put about 15 hours into it and i've yet to have fun. the map system is broken and the interface is a mess. i spend more time wandering because the level layouts are so confusing than i actually do doing something.


this is a shocking statement to say but out of all these types of games i've still enjoyed two worlds the most.

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