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War for the Bally Astrocade - 2nd print (30). SOLD OUT


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WAR! For the Bally Astrocade - 2nd print


This is to announce that we are in the process of making another run of War. This run is limited to 30 copies and is very likely to be the last run of this game. The first run was 20 copies and was pioneered by Adam (Bally Alley) in 2010. Back then we were scrounging for parts and could barely get the 20 made. Since then we have able to get new PCB's made however the shells are still in very limited supply. Making new shells for future projects is in the works, but this is not a possibility at this time. Since the original run was so small and there is still demand for this game, we have decided to make this second run.



If you are unfamilliar with War, Nice and Games did a fantastic review of it after the first run. This can be seen here:




Ordering details:


The price is $50 shipped via priority mail inside the USA. If you are outside the USA the price will be $57 shipped via USPS First Class International. This includes the cart, DVD Box w/insert, and Manual. I am going to be responsible for handling payments and shipping of the games. For the next 7 days there will be a limit of 1 game per person. If the 30 are not sold out by this time next week, I will allow extra copies to be purchased. We are under a very strict time schedule for getting these shpped.


Shipping will begin in 3 weeks or less.




Thank you!

Michael Garber

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Cartridges have been assembled. Will be shipping in less than 2 weeks!


Also it's been a week since the announcement and they are not sold out yet, 9 remaining at this time. I'm opening up the option for additional copies to be bought. Just e-mail me at riffraffgames@hotmail.com to verify that they aren't sold out.

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