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heartlight for vbxe


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some sidenote: If I remember correctly HL was released in Tajemnicze Atari and err, the original version works only on mono-Ataris. When I upgraded to a stereo Atari, this game did not work anymore. Allthough the game has no sound, it makes some illegal calls or jumps to the area of the second Pokey chip. Luckily Fandal patched the game for me, so a stereo compatible version is (hopefully) available on his site...


I still love the Kenny Loggins song with the same name, maybe someone (Miker?) could do a conversion of the 1982 pop-song for this A8 game...?!? -Andreas Koch.

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Charlie: this was first thing i've encountered - it tryes to read random number from uninitialised pokey in a loop and leaves it only if that randomised number is equal to something


Rybags: yup, something like this

lots to do if i want animations like in pc version

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another update this time tunnels work both ways and most importantly i've added animations

now it will be up hill, as i need to write some code for balloons and proper (pc like) tunnell handling


also, i found tile studio very handy for getting the graphics done (not that i draw it, but it still quite usefull tool, wish it would export data directly to the format i need)

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i've added balloons, so every level shold be passable, plus i've converted all levels data from pc version


what i would like is some nice title screen graphics, music (both for pokey and soundboard (*.neo)) and it would neat little game

i'll work on this one for some more to bring it closer to ypc version, and i'm hoping to get to that point before atari eeting in glucholazy this year



current version

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