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ATARImarcus my collection in parts, will be continued

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The last weeks I added some new Nintendo GameBoy stuff, I didnt had any device, I sold my Classic GB with all Games years ago....


Now I have a collection of one GB Classic, one GB Pocket ( awaiting receipt), One GameBoy Advanced Model 001 and one Model 101


14 GBA Games

31 Classic GB Games plus Game Boy camera


If pics are wanted I can take some and post them.

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The next part, the classic GB games, I own 32 pieces at the moment, most with manual, but no box until now...





Added new games at 26 April


Gemes for Game Boy:


Jimmy Connors Tennis


Space Invaders

4 in 1 Game


Games for Gameboy Color:

Pokemon Pinball

Pokemon Trading Card Game

NBA Jam 99



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Now, next part my both Game Boy Advance SP


Model AGS-001

Model AGS-101 tribal edition


The 101 has the better display, looks near a DS lite Display, no uggly colors and stripes like with the 001...





Posted Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:53 PM

Hi, I have added some new parts to my Gameboy Collection the last weeks and I would like to show them here.


The parts are:


Game Boy Pocket in yellow

Game Boy Special edition green

Game Boy Advance blue

Game Boy Advance SP blue

Game Boy Color green




Added in May: Gameboy micro silver




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