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controller weirdness


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My controller's lights are acting weird. They keep spinning around in a circle for about 12 seconds or so and stop at player 1's light, then starts the process all over again. The thing works fine, though, I'm just wondering why it's doing that. Oh, and can anyone suggest a game for the thing? The only thing I have right now is Sonic's Ultimate Genesis collection, but I have owned Tetris and Beautiful Katamari. Not a very big fan of this system, but I want to be.

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That's why you should always rtfm, or if you don't have the users manual go to the official site. Also when you press the guide button there is a battery level indicator. If you are using standard batteries I would recommend on spending $20 and get the play & charge kit, it will save you in the long run.


As for game recommendations I don't have many games. Halo anniversary, forza 3 and 4, left 4 dead 2, project Gotham racing 4, Duke nukem forever, gta IV are the only games I own for it

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OK, that did it. There should be a message that pops up that says "Change your controller's batteries" instead of just leaving the player to wonder why, though. Anyway, any game recommendations from anyone?


The spinning lights is the low battery indicator. It is stated clearly in the manual so players don't have to wonder what it means. ;)

You can also press the "Guide Button" (That big silver button with agreen X on it) to pull up the blades menu which also show how much charge you have left on you battery.


EDIT: ooops madmax2069 beat me to it!!


Oh well, Here is an old thread with a lot of decent older games listed in it that people think are worth checking out...



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