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Please help steer a newbie in the correct direction.

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Hi Everyone,


I'm real new to the forum. Really just joined last week, but have been reading a lot over the last days on the forum.


I grew up with the Commodore VIC/64 and used to right programs for that a loooooong time ago.


Now, as a (ahem) mature adult, I would like to dip a toe back into simple game development.


I just don't really know where to dive in.


Atari 7800/5200/2600? Commodore Systems? NES?


Use DASM? Batari? Atair BASIC? Other?


Here are some points about my abilities:

- I have no preferences and think all systems are generally cool.

- I have been a Senior Systems Engineer (IT) for 20 years, so I at least know my way around a computer somewhat.

- I have programmed in Assembler for the Motorola 6800 years ago and wrote some fun programs to control stepper motors, etc. I enjoyed it, but there would be a learning curve here to jump in again.

- I have programmed in C/C++ plenty and am comfortable with it, but by NO means an expert or anything close to an expert!

- I have programmed in BASIC and feel confident with it.

- It would be nice to write for the system that can produce the best graphics, without having to kill myself with a wicked learning curve to get there. So maybe I should restate that: If writing for simple system is the best idea, and the graphics are not going to be as nice, that is okay.


That said I probably enjoy programming in BASIC the most.


So the question(s)

1) What system?

2) What programming environment


I appreciate all feedback!



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I'm not a good advisor, I'm just begining to learn python :-D


But even as an outsider of the realm, Uzebox seems to me a good system for what you want.


But maybe I simply don't know what I'm saying, I tried to revive the only one topic of this system in atariage without success.



After learning a bit more python, I want to move to C and I was thinking about Uzebox... (some plans for future)


I don't want to hijack the thread - I have the same interest, not the same knowledge... -but why not Uzebox?

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Thanks for your reply!


I have heard of the Uzebox before and it looks really cool!


Just have to decide if I feel like building it! I kind of want to jump into programming and use an emulator. I wished it came in a pre-made kit.





They have an emulator. I don't know about the tools for development...



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