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8bit Pac-man "Arcade" - Final Version - Accepting Orders


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Status for next batch.


I'll order more carts when I have at least 5 people interested. Here's the current list. If someone wants to be added, please send me a PM.





These are the final binaries for my 8bit Pac-man hack. That is unless any more bugs are found. http://www.atariage.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/atariage/icon_smile.gif The xex is a fully functional version, minus the High Score save feature and animated intro screen of the cart version. The bin file is the 1mbit Maxflash version. Both versions require a machine with 48K of RAM.


10-Jun-2016 I have made a few updates to the 1mbit Maxflash cart version.

1) I made the high score save feature more robust. A few people had the high score get corrupted so I now make several attempts at writing the score if it doesn't verify. I also added a flashing "saving score" message so hopefully people won't turn off or hit RESET while the score is being saved.

2) updated the score characters that are displayed when eating montsers or fruit to be more like arcade version.

3) adjusted vertical speeds to better compensate for the non-square pixels. Now Pac and Monsters won't appear to move faster in vertical direction compared to horizontal.

NOTE: I will not be making any updates to the XEX version. It's too time consuming. Sorry. :)


28-Sept-2014 I have fixed a sound glitch in the xex version and the binary is now the full shipping version with all levels. :) Enjoy!

10-Jun-2016 Update version 2.0 posted


P.S. I still can make official carts with the Pac-man label by request. Price is $35 plus shipping.


PacManArcadeFinalV2.0.rom - use with 1mbit Atarimax Maxflash cart


Thank You! http://www.atariage.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/atariage/icon_smile.gif

Screen Shots
post-24519-0-19830800-1335227926_thumb.jpg post-24519-0-37629700-1335227939_thumb.jpg

post-24519-0-64919900-1335227955_thumb.jpg post-24519-0-01863600-1335227970_thumb.jpg

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There is a bug in xex version. During a game if you press option or select key you coming to a title screen but sound from a game continues to play.


Thanks. I know about that one and have already fixed it. I will be posting an update in a few days. I had to redo the xex versions menu because it would stop going into atract mode after pressing select or option and left out the call to stop sounds when exiting from in game.


I also forgot to update the pac death sound from some of the iterations I was working on. The sound in the cart version is what it should sound like.




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