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Help me ID this console.


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I have no pictures. I can't find any on the internet. Never seen it on ebay.

It is(was) from around 1975-1977 positively.

It was made out of seemingly air blown white thin fiberglass.

It had bare 70's hobbyist standard slide switches, black.

The bottom of the case was probably aluminum or that dense circuitboard material.

It had 4 black knobs at the each of the 4 corners.

The whole thing was single piece, and shaped like a chunky wedge or asymmetrical pyramid.

It had tennis and hockey for sure.

There were no, or small, labels.

It didn't use programming overlays, cartridges, or cards of any sort.

I don't know the company.

It might have had an attached power adapter. IDK, perhaps c-cells?

It had an unfinished prototype feel to it.

It was held together with phillips' screws.

It had only B/W games of course.

It had a base size about the size of an O^2.

It would have been about 1.3x the height perhaps.

Being wedge shaped, the front controls would be sloping down toward you. Like an angled control panel in a control room.

It was relatively light in construction and had a lot of open air inside.

It had one big white ceramic chip that was 1.2" x 1" in size.

The silicon substrates (2 of them) were on this white chip-carrier, and they were covered with a black rubber-like flexible material like silicone-sealant used in aquariums.


That is all I can tell you. So WTF is this console?

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Close, but no cigar. This one you pointed out uses 74LS00 chips seemingly exclusively. The one I remember had a microprocessor-looking chip. So that kills it right there. The one I remembered also has no label on the front. This one does.


While I can possibly see and understand some details getting warped. The large number of discrete logic used in the one you showed is the definite killer. Mine didn't have that many chips. Because I cut them out and slept with them under the pillow when the game died. Awaiting a fairy to come by and replace it.


I trolled the site, but, still, not listed!

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