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Alternative to CDRECORD for Jaguar CD image creation?

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It's been a few years and several versions of Windows since I last ran CDRECORD, and I'm finding it doesn't play well with my current Win 7 PC and/or CD drive. Is there a way to create a CD image (a master) without actually burning a CD? All I want is a tool that will produce an image which I can then burn on CD with DiscJuggler or ImgBurn.


Note that I don't care if the CD is encrypted or not; I just want a way to take a WAV file and one or more Jaguar data tracks and create a binary image for use by DJ or ImgBurn.

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JiFFi's ULS functionality is limited in use to allowing single-load binaries to be made CD-able for personal use. It's not meant to be CD authoring software or to be useful to developers. We considered making more extensive use of it for others but only a couple of people were interested so it wasn't worth the effort.

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