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Space Rocks (2600)


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Out of curiosity, are you flickering red+green to get the yellow in the logo, or doing yellow one frame and red another? The former is a lot more stable.


The current test build uses red and yellow as that's how the test graphic is set up. The final version will use red and green.

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First, I would like to say how amazing this game is. I love your work on the VCS and look forward to what you will do in the future. I have one question about the cartridge version of space rocks, since the game will use the melody board will you have a saving the high score with or without initials to the cartridge like Chetiry does?



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No, Space Rocks won't be saving high score information. Cherity's cartridge has extra hardware inside for saving that information:

The high score table in Chetiry is loaded and saved to an EEPROM chip inside the Melody cartridge. ... The normal Melody cartridge doesn't have an EEPROM, so Batari assembled some boards especially for Chetiry (the EEPROM is present in the Harmony cart).
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Both logos look good. If you're soliciting feedback... I don't mind flicker when used appropriately, so I'd probably prefer the red + yellow. The tradeoff seems worth it, but I wouldn't have a problem with either one.


If you really don't care what I think then... oops. :lol:


BTW, I like the change to a wider logo. :thumbsup:

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is there an ETA for the cart?

I believe our goal is December. Which of the 31 days, I do not know.


We're currently wrapping up the in-game logo. Once that's done I'll be posting the next release candidate (it includes some other changes as well that need to be tested before the cartridge is made). Work on the manual has just started. Finally there's the design for a box.

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It was said that the winning design logo would be put into the title screen which I thought was almost impossible due to the font shapes and mulitiple colors, and yet there it is!

Whatever it takes to get as close to the winning design should be done. It is, after all, just a title screen, and using the winner's design honors the winner as intended.

Again, good work!

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  • new main menu title graphic
  • shield sound effect changes pitch based on shield time remaining
  • new ship "blink" feedback
    • ship will blink while shields are active
    • ship will blink during respawn temporary immunity
    • blink rate will increase as shield life/immunity remaining runs out



Release Candidate 7 ROMs - Harmony or Stella1




1 Requires Stella ver 3.7.1 or later. See first post for instructions on how to reduce flicker.

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Noticed one very minor quirk, and can't exactly call it a bug since the cause if it is rather unconventional. If you play it on the ColecoVision's 2600 adapter and use the ColecoVision's main console reset button to reset the game, you will end up with both raster and vector asteroids. To reproduce this, you need to be playing the game when pressing the ColecoVision's reset button. It doesn't happen when the title/options screen is up when hitting the ColecoVision's reset button nor does it happen when using 2600 adapter's reset button.


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