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Space Rocks (2600)


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He hadn't reviewed the game until now because he didn't like the Magna-Mines. He only recently discovered they could be turned off. I provided him some additional info about them, but never got a response so I figured they would be detrimental to the final score.


I love the magna mines, adds a lot to the game. Of course, I absolutely love the game so I'm biased :D


Don't worry about his review, there are better ones on youtube. :ponder: ;)

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VideogameCritic reviews Space Rocks recently, and for now it has sold out!

I hope the store isn't losing sales due to lack of hardware boards. I'm guessing Space Rocks sold a lot of Melody Boards.

I also hope the website isn't losing money from Melody games.

If so, charge more! And remind website users they can subscribe to AtariAge and ask to be added for Store Discounts.

I can guess it is time consuming running a website and a store.

Still, these great games are a bargain, even with adding $20 to get a box.


I have Asteroids that has a discounted sticker of $29.88 in 1981 dollars. That is $77.18 in 2014 dollars!

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