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Anybody knows this 1050 model? Pilot-/Pre-series? A Clone?


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I got an 1050 disk drive in the last days and after open it, I´m surprised! Never have seen such a model before, and I have opened more then 50 different 1050´s in the last years.


So... anybody knows this model? My first thougth was, that this must be a pilot production model from the early days of existing 1050´s. After showing the pictures in the german ABBUC forum, somebody assumed that this model might be a clone, produced not from Atari.


The case looks like a normal 1050 case, but the brown front bezel doesn´t fit on any other 1050 case and vice versa. The mechanical drive is totally different from the normal Tandon & world series models. The PCB has some manual corrections and scratched traces, but looks nearly equal to any other series 1050 PCB. The color of the solder mask is other than normal. The metal shielding of the major ICs is not quite silver as usual.


Any ideas welcome.


Regards, Juergen





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Looks nearly identical to my World Industries 1050, even the rf shield is the same discoloring...


I have not seen the bottom of the PCB in mine tho... havnt pulled it apart that far, so i dont know if there are jumpers like yours...


I can take pics of mine, if you want to verify commonality...



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Atari had two production models of the 1050: Hong Kong and Singapore. They have different case plastics and often different drive mechanisms (Tandon vs. World Storage). So, it's not that unusual.

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I've got one just like that. Not unusual. I also have two replacement mechanisms and one in tandon and the other is also a Novacom mechanism like that. Apparently the only thing unusual is that you've been through 50 1050's and never seen this model before!! :D

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Thanks for informations.


I think this kind of model is rare here in europe/germany. Mostly 99% of all 1050 I ever opened used the World Storage version, only a few with the Tandon mechanics. So I never saw this kind before.

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