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Season 9 Round 4 - Super C

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I'm curious as well. One day when my wife isn't around I'll try to max it out.


From twin galaxies in 2009...."Marc looped and looped this classic to the tune of 1,844,340 points"


Haha.. He must have gotten bored, too. It's a shame the difficulty doesn't ramp up all that much. Having a lot more bullets and having them fly out a lot faster would have cranked up the dial considerably. In the first Contra, it's very challenging on the later loops. Enemies take much longer to kill. If you get to the massive alien head on the final stage without the spread shot, you are in for hell, even if you have something like the machine gun.

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Yeah, it's basically just a matter of having the time. I had nearly one million and it took at least an hour and a half (I did have to pause it once or twice though). So, theoretically, it could take ten to twelve hours (maybe more, maybe less) to max out the score. I don't know if I could make myself do that, haha.

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1. PeculiarSatyr 2,461,480 +9

2. Austin 881,050 +6

3. atarilovesyou 388,080 +3

4. asponge 106,100 +1

5. Jibbajaba 93,630 +1

6. roadrunner 12,200 +1

7. jblenkle 10,700 +1


Updated standings:


1(t). Austin 27

1(t). peculiarsatyr 27

3. asponge 14

4. atarilovesyou 8

5(t). roadrunner 4

5(t). jblenkle 4

7. theKLT 2

8(t). Jibbajaba 1

8(t). cparsley 1

8(t). mihcael 1

8(t). LarcenTyler 1


I'll post the next round when I get home later this afternoon. I don't have the game list with me.



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