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Arcade GFX hack


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Yes...with a catch.


Yes, because Rasty put a utility called RomHack up on his site long ago. This can open up any type of file and display it as graphics and/or program data. Grab it here:



The catch is that a good share of arcade roms run self-tests looking for altered or bad data (or what it assumes to be bad data). On top of that, the emulator itself will also be looking for a bad checksum. So you would need to bypass the game's self-test, and disable the emulator's nag (if possible).

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Better solution...

There is an editor called Age that you can download at Zophar's utilities:



Once changes are made, I suppose you could use the RomDoctor to fix it up... and get the correct checksum etc.


There's an older one as well...but I can't remember what the name of it was (it was used to make those "neon" hacks).


EDIT: Duh...it was Turaco:


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