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Season 9 Round 5 - Balloon Fight


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Got my cart in the mail today! Really wasn't expecting it to arrive because the seller never marked the item as shipped, haha.


Anyway, had a moment to play a few games. It seems one of the best things you can do in this game (asides from being extremely careful) is staying near the top of the screen.





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I'm about to officially give up on increasing my score on this one...it's just too demoralizing when you're having the game of your life when everything goes down the tubes in moments. I'm sure skill would help things, though.


...and I see that nobody has yet EARNED MY RESPECT!




I wish I had more time. Unfortunately I'm usually ending up working 60 hours a week in the Emergency room then the rest is helping my wife get her gallery off the ground.

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I could have gone longer on the Trip mode, but I made a risky (and unneccesary) move that got me killed. :)


As far as the normal game, what I find makes it so difficult is that you don't get *any* extra lives. You really have to be on-point and focused!

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Here's my final answer, Bob:




I was in a pretty good groove this game, all the right bounces but most importantly I managed about three or four perfect bonus rounds. That's gotta be the key, those bonus rounds. Fun little game for sure, you always feel that if the stars align (no pun) you could beat your best.

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Oh, and my Trip mode score:








And now, ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues and brothers of different mothers,




Nice score, my friend. I tried, oh how I tried but I could not stomach even another minute of that trip without going bat-shit crazy.


Who knows?...perhaps OTHERS, at one point or another, shall EARN MY RESPECT! But for now, it's AUSTIN! WHO! HAS! EARNED! MY! RESPECT!

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LOL!! Thanks man. :D


Trip mode is tricky. Because the screen is constantly scrolling, sometimes it feels like you don't move fast enough to keep up with it, haha.


As far as the normal game itself, I found it to be really fun. Actually, so much so, I want to look into the other "Black Box" games that I haven't tried before.


I can picture this one getting a little repetitive over time, but for just a few day stint, it was great. I think I like it even more than Joust (not that I played that one much to begin with). :) :thumbsup:

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