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RedRaider's Sega Genesis + Sega CD


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So now we have my single owner Sega Genesis Model 2 + Sega CD Model 2, this console combo truly took my video game addiction to another level during my years at Texas Tech University. I received both uits as a gift from my girlfriend in 1993 and they have never been seperated from each other since (only for cleaning). More hours than is imaginable have been put onto these units. I'm talking years of marathon Madden, Bill Walsh College Football, Toe Jam & Earl, World War III, Night Trap, etc...


My largest collection of games of all my classic consoles is easily for the Sega CD. The only system I ever truly wanted to complete the US Release Collection for was the Sega CD, until I found this site less than a month ago. Now I am entertaining the thought of completing the Intellivision and Colecovision collections, not 100% as there are a few ridiculously priced games that I will not drop coin on.



This combo has seen lots of road trips and abuse over it's 20 years of existence, but damn it son, she stil looks pretty damn sexy still.


One of my biggest regrets now, is that I did not keep the boxes for either unit, but I wasn't thinking of the future value of the units or collectability while in college.




As always, enjoy...















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It's good to see some Sega CD love in here! Big fan of the system myself--originally got one when I was in middle school. It's a platform that intrigued me as a kid, and even when I got the system (the PlayStation and Saturn were both out already at that point), it still blew me away. The FMV, the CD soundtracks.. Being able to listen to the music in a CD player, and the games--lots of great stuff on the system. I have a lot of nostalgia for this system, but it's one I still enjoy playing a lot today, and not just for nostalgia, but simply for great games. Lords of Thunder, Android Assault, Sonic CD, Final Fight CD, Batman Returns, DUNE, and many, many more. The system gets knocked around a lot with buzz phrases like "it was mainly host to terrible FMV games," but in reality, there's a healthy library of quality non-FMV games on the platform as well.


Also, I don't believe the system boxes are nearly as collectible as other platform boxes. Should be able to get some at a decent price if you keep your eyes peeled.

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real nice. I had only seen the stackable model 1 version prior to your pictures. I have the model 1 Genesis and the Everdrive multi-cart, I'll get the CD someday, but I am in no hurry as I have never owned or play it in the past.

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