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Ok, so I finally get a Game Genie for my Genesis..So far, not so good!


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So I went to Goodwill today and scored an Ascii turbo controller and 2 game genies..One for the Genesis and one for the SNES..


Had to crack the controller open to get it to work, the SNES Genie cleaned up nice and works great.


As for the Genesis GG, I've done the whole cleaning the pins and the connector as much as possible and still, no go.


When I insert It into the NTSC "Model 1", along with a cart on top, I get the Bios start up, then the GG intro.


The screen where you enter codes come up, but there are no letters/numbers to enter, just a blank code grid, and have tried numerous games.


Anyone else seem to know whats going on? Can't seem to find any info that helps.

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