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SIO2SD Micro Order thread


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Ok as you all know from my previous post it's about the original SIO2SD in a smaller form. What specific, has the same enclosure like my older project SDrive Micro.
Based to latest schematic "version 2" from original inventor, have some minor improvements. icon_wink.gif

-As for the cpu the latest "low consumption" ATMega32A microcontroller in smd form.
-The 74LVC245 who guarantees good data transfer between the microcontroller and SDcard, in proper voltage levels also.
-New 47nf capacitors for better button response.
-Extra resistor and capacitor added in output of low dropout voltage regulator, for better voltage stability particularly at "no load" condition. As result of that is much higher reliability and compatibility with more SD cards.
-New tactile switches with smooth feeling for more comfortable use.
-Push on-Push off type SD connector.

Now about the plastic enclosure, is made in CNC router with proper cuts in all dimensions. Additional a logo and some "words" is engraved direct on plastic. Actually not as visible as in the photo, but add a nice effect as opposed to not exist at all.
The device is programmed with the latest firmware 3.1RC2, and work perfect with the 3.5 fast loader.

I try to run a small production from that, so anyone who want to buy one are welcome! icon_smile.gificon_thumbsup.gif The final price as I noted in the original post is 50 euro, plus 7 euro shipping and handling cost, plus Paypal fee. All the devices will be mailed as "registered irregular letters" with track numbers.
Devices will be ready for shipping in less than a month. As you most know from my previous project, always keep up to date my progress in public. icon_biggrinwink.gif Please anyone who want to buy one, send me pm and I will reply with the details. The same also for the community members who had expressed their interest in the first thread, because I don't know if still interested!

One more time thank you very much for looking.


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You can check the order status on post Nr. 4 in this thread. I renew frequently. :)

Now about the situation! If all members who have express their interest eventually buy their devices, from the total 40 pieces only 4 more is available. After that I dont know if or when I will make again. Perhaps follow some other project, or maybe nothing.

Next week I will be ready to post about 15 to 20 more devices.

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