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Halo 4′s New Hero Is Revealed


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At some point early in the story, Master Chief will encounter the UNSC Infinity. For those of you that read the Halo novels, you’ll already know that the UNSC Infinity is largest craft in the human fleet. The Infinity serves as more than just a ship in the game, however, as it will be an option available to you in the menu.


The mode serves as a side campaign where you’ll enlist as Spartan-IV on board of the Infinity. Each week after the game has been released, you’ll receive a short CGI episode of the Infinity’s adventures starring four new characters. Each episode is said to include five varied co-op missions which will star your “persistent Spartan” and your friends. What does this all result in? By the very end, you’ll have an animated series on your Xbox 360 and a second campaign featuring your Spartan-IV alongside Master Chief’s respective story.





the title is a bit of a misnomer but a free second campaign that gets added to every week? pretty sweet.

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