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CHOPLIFTER! A Dan Gorlin Classic


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Choplifter is a 1982 Apple II game developed by Dan Gorlin and published by Brøderbund. It was ported to other home computers and, in 1985, Segareleased a coin-operated arcade gameremake, which in turn received several home ports of its own. While many arcade games have been ported tohome computers and consumer consoles, Choplifter was one of the few games (Lode Runner is another) to take the reverse route: first appearing on a home system and being ported to the arcade.


Deadline: May 26th


jblenkle - 3,400

roadrunner - 52,000 (SMS) - 12,000 (SG1000)

Torr - 517,600 (2010 photoshot)

LarcenTyler -

zylon - 51,200

skosh -


HSC Points:

jblenkle - 5

roadrunner - 8

Torr - 2

LarcenTyler - 2

zylon - 5

skosh - 6

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Been super busy and sorry to have missed like every game but the first, but here's an 'unofficial' score I guess you'd say. I scored it back almost 2 years ago, Dec 2010.




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