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Star Wars: The Arcade Game PAL


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What is everyone's thoughts on Atari 2600 Star Wars: The Arcade Game PAL rarity? I think I remember one on ebay.de sell for 40 Euro, but might be imagining that :sleep:


I found one here with a 'Made in Australia' catridge, so was just wondering on rarity as I don't think I've seen many around.

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Made in Australia Star Wars Arcade... personally I've not heard of it?


Yep, 'Made in Australia' molded into the plastic like the normal Parker Brothers carts. The label is intact too so no switcheroos with cases either.

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I sure can use scans of this cart (front) and box (front and back).


It's one of the very few Parker PAL scans we're still missing in our database.




I don't have the box, and the cart label is the same as the US and Canada ones here -> http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-star-wars-the-arcade-game_7903.html http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-star-wars-the-arcade-game_16425.html

Do you need a different scan even if it's exactly the same label?

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