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The game is available at the Good Deal Games website: http://www.gooddealg...Atari 2600.html
Bomb on Pixel City was created by Alain le Guirec in 2012 sort of on a dare. He saw someone else had created an iOS game of the same name which paid homage to Atari pixel based graphics. When he claimed he could write an actual Atari game, they said "show me" and the rest is history!


I guess they never heard of batari Basic and Visual batari Basic, An 8 year old can make an Atari 2600 game now. :D

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I guess they never heard of batari Basic and Visual batari Basic, An 8 year old can make an Atari 2600 game now. :D

I'm 40 years old and I'm french

Batari is too complicated for me.


This game was made in asm with dasm...

You will read that with stella :

There's no "i'm too clever with illegal opcode" in my game



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I wrote to Albert September 3

I asked if my game could interest him

He said yes, October 26.

I said : give me your email. I will send you the roms

No answers today


I'm agree to sell the game on atariage or release the roms for free,

For me, it's not a business.

I just made that game for fun and for my friends....

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I'll go back and loko through your messages. For a long period of time (basically most of the last two years) I had been very busy with work and did not have as much time as I would have liked to devote to AtariAge. That's changed more recently, although at the end of September and beginning of November I attended two different shows (the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and the Houston Area Arcade Expo]). Those shows took a lot of preparation and my time.


I've been catching up on a queue of new homebrew games, with a fresh batch released at the Portland show, and another batch I'm currently working on. I apologize for not responding to your messages in a timely manner--I'm sure you're not alone in that regard. Trying to get back on top of things, though.





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This is a great game. It's much better than I expected. Great work! Thanks for sharing.


There was a simpler version of this by someone else a while ago. It had cool sounds, and was a lot of fun, but had more simplistic graphics and no scoring. You have really taken this to the next level. Again, great job!

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Thanks for posting the ROMs. Did you know that the NTSC version goes over 262 sometimes?


Keeping Track of the Scanline Count with Stella



yes I know

I have 263 lines during one frame at the end of the crash sequence.

It's an amazing special effect.

it symbolizes the brittleness of the life.

You feel the death in the TV screen


Some use illegal opcodes

I use illegal scanline count :)


Thank's everyone

I'm happy to read your feedback.

you to give me energy and the desire for making of another projects

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